Guatemala Dental Trips


During the past several years I have been able able to spend a week each year performing dental work in several of the villages in Guatemala with the Hirsche Smiles Foundation. As always, we see much need for dental care among both children and adults. Procedures performed included extraction of teeth with extensive decay, extraction of abscessed teeth, and fillings. The majority of the procedures being extractions.

The best part about these trips is seeing the appreciation in the eyes of patients who come in with oral facial pain and sometimes much anxiety. They are very timid and scared at first, but once the procedure is completed they many times give us a big hug and tell us "Thank-you".

March 2017 Trip. We lead another great trip this year. We incorporated visits to a few hospitals to deliver newborn kits to newborn babies along with garden boxes and dental work as in previous years. To see photos and stories of our 2017 Guatemala Humanitarian Trip on Facebook click here or search for 2017 Guatemala Humanitarian Mission

Our next trip is tentatively scheduled for April 2018.  We are also planning on spending a week in Peru providing dental work in February 2018.

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Previous year's trips

March 2016 trip. This was a trip that my wife and I organized and lead for the Hirsche Smiles Foundation. As always it was wonderful and we were able to relieve the dental pain of many people. We also included a day working with Mayan Eco Homestead on installing square foot garden boxes for several families. We always enjoy the opportunity to visit new villages and help to change the lives of many people.

To see photos and stories of our 2016 Guatemala Dental Trip on Facebook click here or search for Guatemala Humanitarian Trip 2016

To see photos and stories of our 2014 Guatemala Dental Trip on Facebook click here or search for Tolman Dentistry Guatemala Mission 2014. 


Below is a SHORT DOCUMENTARY of our 2013 trip to Guatemala. It was created by videographer Andy Matthews.  

Nathan A. Tolman, D.M.D. 


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